Celulec :: Serving the pulp,paper and board industries

Whether you are producing paper & board or converting it, our company has the equipment and services
covering a wide range of your needs in :

-Maintenance of electrical motors, hydraulic and ventilation systems
- Repairing or recasting papermaking cylinders and rolls
-Anti-adhesive ,anti-abrasive coatings for papermaking rolls & cylinders,
for pumps,ventilation systems..   in situ cylinder axel repairs with quick setting polymers
- Dismantling, transfer and re-assembly of paper & converting lines and equipment
-Hardened carbide & chrome paper & board coating blades
-Assisted load handling equipment
-Pallet and roll wrappers
- Walking floor for waste paper & pulp mixing
-Skips & containers for sorting, storing and handling paper and boards
- Compacters for rejects & broke
-Tissue converting equipment for hygienic tissue and wipes
-Chemical deodorizing of paper, board & pulp processing effluent
Papermachine noise & vibration control

A long experience in the woodpulp industry
Well-known international suppliers
A comprehensive & diversified product & service offer
Extensive knowledge & skills in the paper and converting industries
A wide variety of customers all over Europe
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